4 Little Words That Can Change the Course of Your Life

Preparation Nugget:  The best way that I know of to build confidence is to do what the Word of God says.  When God asks or commands you and me to do something, He knows we can accomplish it because He has given us everything we need to make it happen.  How many times have you set a goal and had the question posed to you, “Can you really do that?” and your answer was “I hope so!”  Well, when we are trying to accomplish things on our own apart from God we are limited.  But, anytime we are attempting to follow through we something God directs us to do, we can confidently say, “I know so!”  There is a BIG difference in know and hope.  Listen to your words.  The difference is found in these 4 little words: Have Faith In God. If you are hoping, you are not in faith. Faith knows, not hopes.

4 Little Words That Can Change the Course of Your Life

This passage in Mark 11:22-24 is so familiar to us that we sometimes skip over truth and revelation the Holy Spirit is trying to show us.  Let’s slow down today and just focus on the life-changing principle of “Have Faith in God.”

These 4 little words can change the course of your life:  Have Faith In God.  It’s the simple things that confound the wise, like this command from Jesus himself.  Get ahold of this, it’s not a suggestion; it’s a commandment to HAVE faith in God. 

Romans tells us we have a measure of faith in us.  It’s already there.  The struggle isn’t to get faith, the struggle we have is to develop the faith God has given us.  So, the first step is to recognize YOU HAVE faith. 

When changes take place in our lives beyond our control, instead of feeling sorry for yourself or others, HAVE faith in God.  Things may not go the way you want them, but HAVE faith in God.  This next statement is pretty profound, but we also have to realize that God has faith in us.  You see, He knows that if we will depend on Him by giving Him possession of our mind and not allowing “agitating emotions” to control our thoughts, we won’t worry or fear about anything.  We HOLD ONTO Faith in God.  We never let go.  Practice taking control of your thoughts that try to discourage or upset you and replace those thoughts with what God says, “Have Faith in God.”  Trust Him to carry you through what you don’t understand or don’t have answers for.  Don’t worry about tomorrow; be thankful for today.  Search out the good in your circumstances.  If you can’t find any good, Have Faith in God.  He knows more than you and WILL NOT allow you to go through more than you can bear.  Have Faith in God.  Believe Him to be true to you, cherishing you as His prized possession, because you are!

Words are containers.  A container holds something to be used, stored for later use or to discard waste.  My prayer today is that you would allow the Holy Spirit to give you fresh revelation on these four little words to be used 24/7 every single day for the rest of your life.  Hang onto these words in the container of your soul to be continually used, not wasted. 

Prayer:  Father, I receive Faith from you.  Help me to remember that I already have faith and that you command me to Have Faith in You. Remind me to trust you in every circumstance and Have Faith in God!

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