On June 15, 2017m  Sr. Grandmaster Brenda J. Sell stood before the highest-ranked black belts on the planet at the Kukkiwon High Dan testing in Denver, Colorado and officially test for the Kukkiwon 9th Degree Black Belt.  The Kukkiwon is the premier certification authority in the world, and her testing will be a historical event that will once again place her in the position of pioneer. As of now, Sr. Grandmaster Sell is the only Chung Do Kwan 9th Dan woman in the world!  She is the only woman of non-Korean descent to test for this prestigious Kukkiwon rank! This is also the first time the Kukkiwon has ever approved of a high-dan testing outside of their headquarters in Seoul, Korea

Sr. Grandmaster Sell represented YOU, as well as all of America, in her final step of the Journey to The Top.  Thank you for YOUR support. She could not have done this without YOU!


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