Supernatural Peace

Preparation Nugget:  Years ago, I was challenged by my pastor, Pastor Wayne Friedt to witness through tracts.  So, my husband and I sat down and developed a couple of tracts.  I don’t usually read things I find laying around, or even things people give me unless I’ve established a relationship with them so that their recommendation is valid.  Well, that was the point.  Get into the world of those around you so that they want to know more about you.  I meet a lot of people.  One thing I know for sure,  people need peace.  They need to know that is it possible to live a stress-free life full of peace.      One of the first tracts I wrote was on the topic of peace.  Please allow me to share it with you.


I have studied and taught Taekwondo for more than 40 years.  I have been awarded a 8th degree black belt; the highest ranked female Grandmaster in the world.  I think I can safely say that I have learned many secrets to life.

I know strategy tactics for battle.  The first rule is to keep control of your emotions. A person, who looses control of their emotions, looses control of their actions.  Losing your temper blocks judgment. A person must remain calm and have peace.  Peace is a powerful weapon in a battle.

A true black belt doesn’t have to prove their abilities to anyone. They are secure in who they are and the abilities they have developed.

Security brings peace and I have found a supernatural peace and contentment through my relationship with Jesus Christ that I would like to share with you. (Philippians 4:6,7)

The human race was created as a three part being.  Man is a spirit that lives in a body, and possesses a soul.  The spirit is the real you, the part of you that lives forever. The body is the physical part of us that we see; it houses our spirit and soul.  The soul is our mind, will and emotions, the area where we make decisions.

In order to have security, peace, and contentment a person must be developed in all three areas. Many people struggle their entire life looking for the “missing link” to true happiness because they neglect to develop their spirit man.

When the body and mind are developed, but the spirit is ignored, there is a “missing link” to peace.  Your spirit can only be fulfilled when you ask Jesus Christ to be the Lord of your life. (Romans 10:9,10)  God is real, my friend.  He loves you and has provided the ways and means for you to live a life of supernatural peace.

Bible peace is described as wholeness, nothing missing.True, supernatural peace protects us from worry, fear, and anxiety. It comes from a right relationship with God and is dependent on His presence alone. God’s peace is not just an absence of problems or conflict; it is being secure in Him even in the middle of problems.

When you accept Jesus as your Lord and savior, you give Him permission to be the boss of your life.  The Holy Spirit of God comes and lives inside of your spirit.  He becomes your helper, guide, and teacher.

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?  My friend, you don’t have to live in depression, rejection or fear any more. You cannot find lasting peace in a pill, from eating, taking drugs, a promotion on your job, worry, fear, a new house, new clothes or any thing else from the outside.  Lasting peace comes from inside of you.

Ask Jesus into your heart and He will transform your life and give you His Supernatural Peace!
John 14:27

Prayer:  Father, I receive your peace and I refuse to let my heart be troubled, or be afraid.  I trust you!

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