Trust Develops Peace

Preparation Nugget:  This has been one of those weeks when there aren’t enough hours in a day to get everything done that needs to be done.  Our National Tournament is coming up on the weekend, and I knew that if I didn’t get up early and get some of the projects finished before everything else in my world started, I would be way behind.  So, when I woke up several hours before dawn, I took advantage of the opportunity and started knocking things out.  All of the sudden, I glanced at the sliding glass doors in my living room and saw the beginning of a beautiful Florida sunrise.  I immediately returned to my work ignoring what I saw.  Then, I sensed the Holy Spirit speaking to me.  “Don’t miss the simple things.”


Too many times we get caught up in the things of life to really enjoy life.  We must learn to yield to the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to us.  He knows what we need and wants to bless us in the “simple things.”  Do you know how peaceful it is to sit on a lake and watch the sunrise?  The colors mirror on the water.  The shades of blues, pinks, oranges, reds and yellow are breathtaking.  I don’t ever want to miss “the simple things” that God has for me and neither do you.

Another thing I’ve discovered is that when I take time out to following God’s lead, He gives me more time.  The time He gives me becomes available through wisdom, extra helping hands, and favor.  I have never lost time by spending time with the Lord and neither will you.

This kind of trust aides us in growing the fruit of peace in our lives.  Peace is a by-product of trust.  We don’t have to worry when we trust God.  As a matter of fact, God commands us, “Don’t worry about anything, instead pray about everything.  If you do this you will experience the peace of God which passes all understanding.” Phil 4:7-8 LB

Prayer:  Father, I receive your peace and I refuse to let my heart be troubled, or be afraid.  I trust you!

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